Good humour and hugs all round… is what you will find at the Khan household. My family has always been incredibly supportive.

They have always embraced me and have always supported my boxing career. My father’s influence during my early life was key and he committed a lot of his time helping me grow whilst my mother’s prayers and good discipline nurtured me.

I cherish family moments and if I am not training, I can be found spending time with my beautiful wife, Faryal and the apple of my eye, my daughter Lamaisah. My wife has stood by me through it all and is a calming and influential presence in my life. I strive to be a doting father and supportive husband and all I do, is for my daughter and my family.


For me, inspiration comes from the past heroes of sport; boxing has had so many of them, all known for their individual personalities.

My biggest inspiration comes from a man who has inspired the world over. No matter where you go his name is not far from any conversation. It is not only his achievements in sports that people are inspired by, but also the things he did outside his sport.

He has given back to humanity and as he once said…

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”

You can probably guess that I am talking about Muhammad Ali. I had the pleasure of meeting him on a couple of occasions and on both times the experience he’s been so humbling.

A great man and without doubt the G.O.A.T.


It’s all good and well having support and inspiration around you but if you don’t believe or have faith you will struggle to see your goals through.

The belief in me to achieve has come from my religious beliefs. I am a proud Muslim and more and more am trying to practice my religion. I have been blessed to have performed the pilgrimage on a couple occasions which have been some of the best times of my life.

In recent years Islam has been in the spotlight for all the things not even related to the religion. Like the 1 billion Muslims around the world it has taught me respect, humility and given me a purpose in life.


The fight is just the tip of the iceberg, what everyone sees and knows off. The real work is done behind the scenes by all my team and staff from the formalities of signing a fighter, agreeing terms to nutritionist and coaches.

I have built a team that is supportive of my talents, that help me improve my game and are always on hand to assist me no matter what the situation.

I would like to thank all my team and staff. No matter how small you think your impact is, your help has brought not only my career to where it is, but also the boxing academy to achieve worldwide recognition.

Thank You.


I first got introduced to the boxing gym when I was 8 years old. I spent my time always looking forward to the next class.

I fought my first 3 fights in Bolton boxing club and went on to fight for Bury Boxing club with Mick Jelly as my coach.

By the time I was 16 I had won three schoolboy championships, three junior ABA championships, gold in the junior Olympics and finally won gold at the European student championships in Lithuania.

My highlight in the amateur ranks was being allowed to fight for England in the 2004 Athens Olympics after coming first in the AIBA European Olympic qualifying tournament in Bulgaria. I went on to win a silver medal losing out on gold to Mario Kindelan.

I decided to turn professional after the Athens Olympics. Before I did that I had a score to settle with Mario Kindelan. This was to be my final amateur fight – I won all three rounds by unanimous decision.

Since turning pro I have been 2 times world champion, moved from lightweight to welterweight and now up to middleweight.


Boxing is a single man sport in the sense that once the bell rings it’s just you and your opponent. The support you get is what helps you through the training camp early morning starts and late night finishes. My supporters have been with me on the rollercoaster ride from the Athens Olympics in 2004 to all my professional fights.

I am always receiving messages of support from around the world and on fight night the amount of fans that travel to cheer me on is incredible. I wanted to create something on my site which bought us closer so check out the fan page.

Thank you all for your support and I hope I do you proud.