Khan vs. Canelo

Hello and welcome to the first blog on my newly revamped site! I hope you enjoy browsing around and the new look.

Well, what can I say? What an exciting announcement this week to reveal I have agreed a superfight with Canelo Alvarez on May 7th in Las Vegas.

It shocked the boxing world but we had been negotiating the fight quietly for a while. I had initial talks with Golden Boy Promotions around September last year but it wasn’t about a specific fight with Canelo, that picked up nearer the end of the year as we began looking at my options for 2016.

I know I’m going in as the underdog in this fight and that’s something which I’m relishing because in a lot of my fights I’ve gone in with high expectations on my shoulders. Canelo was voted the 2015 ‘Fighter of the Year’, is a superstar in Mexico and probably now the biggest name in boxing.

It was a shock when we announced the fight but I want to produce an even bigger shock on May 7th when I upset the odds by beating him. All I’ve ever really wanted to do since I started boxing was represent my country on the highest stage. I got a chance to do it at the Olympics at 17 and I know now, with everything against me, all the British fans will be behind me. That’s definitely a motivation – I’m going to fly the flag and make them proud.

It will be like entering the lions den on May 7th because it’s Cinco de Mayo weekend, a special day and national holiday in Mexico, and there will be a lot of proud Mexicans there. I’m sure a lot of British fans will be out there too and make it a special atmosphere on the night.

This was too big an opportunity to turn down, too much of a challenge to say no to in order to test myself against the very best. I want to try and be a great in this sport and you can only achieve that by taking on the very best. This will be my first pay-per-view fight in America, live on HBO, in Las Vegas and with a full scale promotion behind it including an HBO 24/7 series – which fighter doesn’t dream of that?

Believe me, when the bell rings I’ll be 100% ready for this fight – I’m relishing it. I know what I need to do to win it. It’s not going to be easy by any stretch of the imagination but we’ll be working on the perfect gameplan for this fight. This is a fight for the fans and I will give everything to make sure it’s my hand which is raised come the end of the fight.

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Welcome to my new site

Some of you guys will remember my previous site and will know how it had developed over the years to ultimately reflect my personality. It’s been a long time from first coming into the spotlight with my Olympic achievements and I have learnt so much since then. I wanted a site that not only showcased all the different projects I am now involved in but also showed a more mature attitude inside and outside the ring.

I set out deciding on an agency to help me create a new site that was something you guys could use as a reference point for all the things that are going on in my life now. I wanted it to compliment my social media activities and to showcase all the different projects that I have going on including the ones you can get involved in with me such as the Amir Khan Foundation.

Have an explore around the site I really hope you guys like it, just to quickly mention a new feature which wasn’t on any of my previous sites is the fan page. I will set this page to certain hashtags on social media and whenever you guys want me or any of the other fans to see your message include the hashtag and it will show on this page.

Use the #CaneloKhan in your tweets and see your message come up on my fan page.

I would like to thank the guys at Brunch Marketing, it’s been a pleasure to get to know them and look forward to continuing working together.

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